Thank you and good-bye!

Thank you so much for being a part of this project and community.  The app is no longer available.

Find community. Find belonging.

A place to make new friends, find dates and connect with the community - all in a safe space.


What's Alike really about?

It’s about catering to the Asian experience - a complex one that just doesn’t fit the rigid mold of today’s mainstream apps. Alike lets you tell your own story through video and Asian-centric prompts that celebrate the Asian identity and culture, while letting your unique voice and personality shine!


What does it mean to "celebrate our story"?


We offer Asian-centric prompts such as “What I love about being Asian…” to help you to share real stories that paint a picture of your unique identity.  We also have neutral prompts such as “My love languages…”, so you can pick and choose to tell the stories that you feel best represent you!


Why Video?

Video allows you to cut through the noise and get to the more important qualities of a match: personality, voice, energy, sense of humor, and so much more!  We believe that your story is embedded in your entire being!  The way you talk, the way you move, the way you laugh!  No more guessing what your match is really like. 

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I actually do feel a sense of safety on Alike compared to the other apps… That is what I’m looking for, and I think it’s very important to the Asian American community.

- Yumi Han

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As a hapa (half-Asian) woman, I’ve often found it tough to fit myself into the “box” that other apps sort of arbitrarily want to throw us into.

- Christy Chow

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Alike is not your typical dating app. Unlike the mainstream apps, Alike promotes self-love amongst the AAPI community to eradicate harmful racist stereotypes portrayed in the media.

- Andrew Lee